Exchange Meeting between Mae Hong Song and Loikaw


The exchange meeting between Nawamin College and TU(Loikaw)/GTHS(Loikaw) was held in Technological University(Loikaw) on 11 September 2019.

Advisor for Vocational Education Standard (Business and Hospitality) from Bureau of Vocational Education Standards and Qualification, Directors and teachers from Nawamintrachine Mae Hong Son Industrial and Community Education College, Directors and teachers from Chiangmai Vocational College and Lamphun Technical College, prorector and teachers from TU(loikaw), principal and teachers from GTHS(Loikaw) and representatives of Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) attended the exchange meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was primarily to foster a relationship between the two countries’ vocational training (VT) authorities and explore possibilities of collaboration between Nawamin College and GTHS(Loikaw) as Nawamin College has experience in supporting vocational training systems.

This meeting was intended to explore the possibilities for Nawamin College and GTHS(Loikaw) to cooperate on technical Training of Trainers (TOT) and training quality control, standard curriculum development and guideline for business entrepreneurship.

This meeting was also aimed to allow Nawamin teachers and GTHS teachers to share their experience and lessons learned in the field of TVET. The meeting supported for us to develop high quality TVET programs in Mae Hong Son and Kayah State.